I started using my kit about 8 days ago and 3 days into it using it, I was on FaceTime with my mother and the first thing she said to me when the call connected was “Omg, you are glowing today, your face looks amazing, what have you been using on it...”. I am in complete love with these products and the results that I have seen on my skin. I have referred my friends to try these products and I will also be buying the kit and other products again."
-  Aundrea

"Nice glow...

I started this product with the travel kit as a sample. I thought it was weird, but it felt like my skin was glowing... so I decided to purchase the full size product. I'm so glad I did! The quality of the product is amazing. "

- Natasha



I was so shocked after getting out of the shower and my skin was silky and soft! It's definitely not drying like other soaps."

- Robin


 "In Love!

I tried this line together and let me tell you it does what it says it will do! I love that they smelled amazing and wasn't harsh on my skin. I usually have oily skin but during the winter I become combo. The moisturizer keeps my skin feeling hydrated without me looking oily. The cleanser feels so light weight but does the job. I always feel fresh faced after use and feel like the dirt from the day is actually gone. I LOVE the toner and it helped with my dark spots after acne scarring."

- Laker


"Creamy carrot heaven!

I have rosacea and sensitive skin. Bought the hibiscus and carrot cleansing bars. Have used for one week. Effective cleansing moisturizing and anti redness properties. Hard to find a cleanser so effective for me. I am now a customer!"

- Eugenia



"Worth the money!

This serum is great. Winter has taken a toll on my skin this year and this serum (along with Jacq’s other amazing products) have been the boost I needed in my winter skin care routine to diminish dry skin and fine lines due to dryness. A little really goes a long way and keeps my skin glowing and hydrated."

- Alanna


"Great Skincare Products

I purchased the entire kit. I was skeptical at first because I have very sensitive skin. The first application I noticed that my face was not dry but very moisturized without feeling oily. After 4 months I'm extremely happy with my skin. I now have a daily regimen that is allowing me to age gracefully."

- Robin


 "Worth the Price.. A little goes a long way!

The title sums it up haha but yes, a little truly goes a long way. My face was breaking out with acne, used the serum as soon as it came in the first day. The next day the size of my acne significantly reduced and the day after they went bye bye!"

- Ren



This product is literally heavenly. I wasn’t looking for another cleanser as I’ve found a great routine however I was at an event and I purchased this product and some others and I’m COMPLETELY SOLD. Black owner and it works, count me in. The cleanser is really nothing like I expected it to be. It’s SUPER gentle and it smells fresh yet very natural, very light scent that I expect from skincare products (which isn’t always the case). My skin feels squeaky clean after every use (no matter if I quick wash with my hands or deeper with my spin brush) but it NEVER feels tight and that’s what I love most! Definitely continuing to use this product; I just may replace the other cleanser (which is super expensive anyway). I think this price point is also very reasonable. The only mini flaw I would say is the pump. The product is watery, and if the pump can be more a “pour type” instead of how it squirts out I think it would be easily manageable. 

Great products Jacq's!"

- Kamate



"Smooth and Glowing

This product leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth! After using cleanser and toner I use this balm. You only need a pea size amount! My skin starts to glow immediately after applying. I mostly use it as a moisturizer but, I sometimes use it as a cleanser."

- Sue


"Gentle and effective

I love this cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry. The smell is absolutely amazing too!"

- Jacqueline


"Simply Amazing!

This cleanser is a life changer! Ever since I have started using this cleanser, my face has never been clearer. The lather of this cleanser is so smooth! I really enjoy using it & my skin loves it too!"

- JoAnn


"Love this cleanser!

I've been using this cleanser for a few weeks now and it has helped to clear up my blemishes. I know I can depend on it to leave my skin feeling smooth, clean, and refreshed. My skin has been glowing since I've been using this product. After cleansing with this product, I use the toner and moisturizer. I began to see an improvement in my skin within a week of using this so I would definitely recommend it to a friend."

- Cindi