We made our first product in 2010 in a small kitchen located in Central Florida. Shortly thereafter, Barbara Jacques, learned she was an expecting mom and received the unfortunate news that an ovarian tumor was discovered. The real inspiration to share our products came the following year out of frustration with the lack of non-harmful options on the market. This frustration became a driving force behind Barbara's new found passion to educate people about the importance of understanding that natural and organic products can be awesome but more importantly that the products we use day in and day out contain life-threatening ingredients and preservatives.

After countless farm visits, numerous formulations, lots and lots and lots of research and testing, during the winter of 2012, Jacq's was launched. After three years of serving our customers, we successfully moved from that small kitchen inside her tiny apartment into a manufacturing studio located in Dania Beach, Florida. Our passion is pretty simple: we aim to create products using ingredients locally sourced that are skin-loving, effective and versatile. 

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