WTF is a Beauty Balm? And Oil Cleansing?

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I am often asked what is a beauty balm? Why would one want to put oils or butters on their face to clean it? My response is, "Why not?". The truth is oils are concentrated, packed with peptide, amino acids and antioxidants that feed, heal and repair the skin. We've been conditioned to believe that oils on the face is no good and do not go together. But, it's quite the opposite. 

JACQ's skincare beauty balm in a jar

The best way to combat dry skin, acne and breakouts is by using an oil. The theory behind Oil Cleansing aka OCM is like dissolves like. Basically, oil is able to dissolve and remove substances with a similar chemical structure i.e. dirt, oil, and makeup. 

Unlike some traditional cleansers that may be drying or acidic, using an oil to remove makeup, dirt, and oil on the skin will help minimize blackheads, clogged pores, and annoying painful pimples. In other words, oils bond to dirt and the bad bacteria that's clogging your pores and causing breakouts.

Now, let's discuss what a beauty balm is. A beauty balm is a multitasking balm that specifically formulated for the skin. For example, our Antioxidant Beauty Balm is infused with an antioxidant powerhouse including delicious Jackfruit, vitamin E and Tamanu oil rich in omega-fatty acids that penetrates the skin protecting it from free-radical damage and feeding it powerful enzymes that nourish and repair the skin. What does this all mean? Our formulation of oils and butter promote healthy cell growth, helps skin texture and hydrates skin all while cleaning it. Yep, it does all that.

 While our Antioxidant Beauty Balm works to restore the skin's natural pH it also works as a...

JACQ's antioxidant beauty balm in a jar


1. Take a small amount on between index finger and thumb and melt, gently rub over eyebrows, lashes, and face avoiding eyes. 

2. Using a warm cloth, gently wipe away makeup. 


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