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Winter Skincare Basics: Layering How to

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We're on a mission to help your skin survive this extremely cold winter. Unlike summer, winter calls for a different kind of regimen to protect from the cold cold temperatures. The main obstacle to winter is dehydration. Winter skincare is crucial because chapped lips and chapped skin is not a cute look. 

The truth is, leaving your skin to the harsh elements unprotected can leave your face feeling dry, parched and vulnerable. At Jacq's, we're all about customizable skincare. Layering your skincare allows you to protect skin during the colder months, tweak and effectively utilize your existing skincare without breaking the budget because it's colder out.


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"We're on a mission to help your skin survive this extremely cold winter."

Here's how layering can help. Layering your skincare properly protects and results in maximum absorption of hydration. Below are easy steps to follow when it comes to retaining hydration that is guaranteed leave your skin feeling protected and glowing.

Rule 1: Light to Heavy

Products with low viscosity tend to penetrate the skin deeply. What that means is that if you put heavier products on first it will prevent other products from penetrating the skin. And that defeats the purpose.

Rule 2: Feed and Protect

Products like serums, toners are low viscosity. These products including essences contain smaller particles that penetrate the skin deeply. 


Serums, unlike moisturizers, are concentrated and feed skin essential fatty acids and active ingredients leaving it replenished, glowing and radiant looking. The most optimal time to apply oils to the skin is when it's still moist. Our Balancing Face Serum is the perfect solution. This face oil is loaded with beta-carotene, minerals and Vitamins A, B, C and E. Formulated with cell-regenerating Rose Geranium that smell divine and perfect for the winter harsh winds. Our Balancing Face Serum is formulated to easily absorbs into skin and not clog pores. 

Rule 3: Seal and Moisturize

Moisturizers add that extra protection and also works to seal it all in the vitamins and goodies found in face oils. Seal and replenish your skin with a dash of our Nourishing Face Moisturizer, it's formulated light enough to use on top of our Balancing Face Serum with just enough thickness to lock in moisturize delivering to the skin vitamin B, peptides, and fatty acids.

Rule 4:  Safeguard

According to Webster's Dictionary, the word safeguard implies taking precautionary protective measures against merely possible danger. That why applying SPF to your skin is vital to sun protection and the final product. 


While layering is a great way to combat the cold, there are some simple key points to remember when using this technique. Vitamin C is an amazing ingredient but it can be an irritation when paired with actives. Opt to use ingredients like Vitamin C, BHA's and AHA's for nighttime to avoid irritating skin.

We hope you find this layering how to helpful and healing. It’s simple and but it will make a huge difference in your skin’s appearance and help combat this winter's coooold chill. Be kind to your skin and it will be kind to you!



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