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Let's Talk Maskne.

How to Avoid Maskne during COVID19

2020 looks totally different than anyone could’ve anticipated. With the spread of COVID-19, daily life for most people changed pretty drastically. Bars and restaurants switched to carryout only, shops reduced their hours or closed completely, and Zoom meetings replaced in-person meetings for many. There was a toilet paper shortage, the Internet became briefly fascinated with Oklahoman tiger kings, and face masks became the hottest accessory of the year. 

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From the N95 to surgical masks to cute cloth masks and everything in between, we have come to embrace -- or at least accept -- masks as part of our new normal. But with this new normal comes an unexpected side effect: maskne. What is it? Where does it come from? How can we prevent it? Since masks are essential in many places, these questions are important! Let’s talk about them together.

What is Maskne?

Maskne is a general term for skincare concerns that are exacerbated by wearing a facial mask. It can include acne breakouts along the lips, jaw, chin, and nose, or other problems like redness, rashes, and allergic reactions. 

What Causes Maskne?

Maskne has two major causes:
  1. Some masks cause micro-tears in the skin. These masks can be made with certain rougher materials, or they can be ill-fitting, causing chafing around the edges. If worn for long periods of time, these masks can irritate the sensitive skin around the lips and nose and make it more prone to being clogged by dirt, oil, sweat, and bacteria.
  2. Masks trap the breath close to the face, creating a warm, moist environment. Not only is this uncomfortable and, let’s face it, annoying, it is also an ideal condition for bacteria to flourish.

Tips for Preventing Maskne:

There’s no need to fear, though. While maskne is definitely a nuisance, there are a lot of things you can do to keep it from becoming a real problem in your life. 

The first thing is to make sure your masks are clean and well-fitting. If you aren’t wearing surgical masks, many skincare experts recommend wearing a cotton mask. They are comfortable, breathable, and easy to care for. You should have several masks in a rotation, so you can change your mask frequently. It’s also a good idea to wash your reusable mask daily with fragrance-free detergent, rinse them twice, and dry them on low heat. This keeps the masks clean and comfortable.

If you are unable to use a few reusable masks, replacing your surgical masks as often as possible can also help cut down on maskne breakouts. 

Another way to prevent maskne breakouts is by reducing the makeup that you wear on a daily basis. If you choose to go without a heavy foundation and concealer, it allows your skin to breathe underneath the mask and reduces the risk of clogged pores. 

Using an exfoliator or a soothing clay mask one to two times a week can help with any irritation and bacteria buildup on the skin. I’d recommend mixing our Green Smoothie Face Mask ($27) with plain Greek yogurt. The mask has cleansing enzymes that can fight breakouts and the yogurt has soothing lactic acid to reduce irritation. 

A Maskne-Conscious Skincare Routine:

The most important and effective way to fight maskne is to focus on your daily skincare. Make sure you’re washing your face daily with a gentle cleanser, following with a restorative toner, SPF, and a lightweight moisturizer. Keep in mind that maskne loves friction, heat, moisture, and bacteria, so make sure that you are giving your skin a break when you can.

Our favorite products for this skincare routine: 

Jacq’s Healing Face Cleanser, $20.00: Rich in Amino Acids, Fruit Enzymes, Vitamin B3, and Moringa Extract, this cleanser is both gentle and powerful. It will leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed. 

Jacq’s Revitalizing Face Toner, $19.00: This toner is a hydrating floral tea for your skin. With Herbal Extracts and Fatty Acids, your skin will feel balanced, and fresh after use.

Jacq’s Nourishing Lightweight Face Moisturizer, $28.00: This moisturizer is perfect to wear underneath a mask because it is lightweight and fast-absorbing. With Peptides, Fatty Acids, and Herbal Extracts, it will create a hydrating barrier on the skin to protect it from excess bacteria, oil, sweat, and dirt. 

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We’ve put these three products together for you in a mini bundle! Try our Mini Heal + Slay Kit Skincare Bundle for $25.00.

When it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19, it is a really important way we can all do together. It’s a way to protect yourself and other people and with a few easy steps, you can keep it from becoming a hassle for you.

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