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Self Love + Defining Beauty on My Own Terms

“Goddess, you are a living, breathing temple, that flows with the creative energy of God."

As a makeup artist who is passionate about beauty and wellness, my definition of beauty is centered around a state of self-acceptance, self-love, self-worth, and self-appreciation.

My favorite example of “beauty” is in nature. Nature is beautiful because she does not compete. She does not compare. She does not question the value of her worth. Nature understands that she is a fundamental part of the whole.

I admire nature, her grace, her rhythm, her cycles, and her ability to grow and evolve, time and time again. Much like my own personal beauty journey.

My journey began in middle school where I struggled with body and image issues. I was tall, thin, and straight up and down.  I often felt cheated by nature, as if puberty skipped over me and blessed other teenagers with budding curves. If I were to be quite frank, I’ve always dreamed of having a curvy body. We can thank Queen Bey herself for instilling such lofty goals.

Well, from ages 14 to 18, I waited impatiently for my body to magically wake up and transform from an A cup to a C cup. But Alas, the transformation never occurred. In 2011, one year after graduating from high school,  I underwent the knife and received a breast augmentation.

If I could go back in time, I would uplift and empower my 18 year old self and tell her “Goddess, you are living, breathing temple, that flows with the creative energy of God. 

Since the beginning of time, your homeland has birth women of all shapes and sizes. Stand tall, be proud, and represent for your tribe of tall gazelle-like women.  Embrace your body, your height, your POWER!!”

Today, I honor my beauty by embracing and loving my body through movement, meditation, and of course, makeup!

As I close this writing, my definition of beauty is this:

“Beauty begins long before you ever look into the mirror. It is the light of God that exists inside of all of us from the moment we were created to the moment we were delivered and gifted to the World...”


What is your definition of beauty?



Brikea Williams

Hi! I'm Brikea - Freelance Makeup Artist Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  I am a focused, driven, and passionate beauty entrepreneur with a natural talent for inspiring, teaching, and connecting with women, from all backgrounds. I have a formal education in business and I am happily pursuing professional training in makeup artistry. My vision is to empower women with motivational writing, speaking, and impeccable makeup enhancements. In my eyes, all women are naturally beautiful, and makeup is a magical wand, that can transform our God given features into unique and exquisite works of art. Outside of my creative pursuits in the beauty industry, you will find me designing a beautiful life with my husband and two daughters. Discover more at


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Hello Brikea! I just love your vibe and cannot wait to hear what you have to share!!

Nina McKenna

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