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Let's Talk Probiotics in Skincare!


Probiotics are the good bacteria that help balance your gut.  

Our bodies make its own distinctive organisms called microbiome, also known as probiotics. A healthy microbiome protects against infections. We know from science and research that microbiome and skin communicate regularly. But, when your microbiome is off balance it can result in skin dehydration and a weakened immune system. 


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Too often, bacteria gets a bad rap for being harmful but in actuality there are both good and  bacteria that exist. Probiotics, a good bacteria is instrumental in keeping our health and body in good shape. 

Here’s the tea on microbiomes. Probiotics can actually boost the good bacteria on your skin surface. Aiding the appearance of skin, improving acne and help soothe conditions like eczema and dermatitis.



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Just like your gut, probiotics help create a balance skin without leaving harsh results. For a boost of powerful probiotics that’s skin hydrating and packed with nutrients check out Jacq’s Revitalizing Face Toner that won’t leave your skin feeling dry after use. Blended with hibiscus floral water, probiotics and roses to feed your skin and strip it. FYI - stash in the fridge for a soothing treat.

What’s better than a multi-tasking face moisturizer? Maybe, sipping on a cold daiquiri while sitting on the beach in a cabana. But if your skin is feeling oily, dry and on the sensitive side reach for our light-weight Nourishing Face Moisturizer formulated with soothing yucca, folic acid and probiotics for delightful treat.

Have your tried familiar with prebiotics and probiotics? Let us know what your experience has been.


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