Here's Why You Should Be Doubling Cleansing

Here's Why You Should Be Doubling Cleansing

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Double cleansing is the technique that will make a difference in the way your skin feels and looks. Double cleansing is exactly how it sounds - washing your face twice. I'm sure you are probably thinking why would I wash my face twice? Well, because there are two types of dirts on your face.

Oil based dirt and water-based dirt. An oil-based cleanser works to lift and dissolve dirt, soot and oxidized sebum. The water-based cleanser breaks down sweat, residue and debris. The first cleanser will break down any makeup, remove sunscreen and skincare that accumulates on your face. While the second cleanser breaks downs water-based debris and gunk.

When skin is deeply cleansed it provides the optimum base to receive and benefit from the positive effects of treatment products. From science, we know water and oil do not mix, but like dissolves like. Using rich plant oils to help dissolve and clean pores from oil-based bacteria and dirt will not strip skin from it’s natural oils.




Start with an oil-based cleanser. With dry hands scoop a dime sized amount of Jacq's Antioxidant Beauty Balm between the palm of your hands. Gently and slowly massage onto dry skin. If you are wearing makeup, massage eyelids, mascara, foundation and even eyeliner away. Using slow, firm motions, massage upward and outward with your fingertips.

Why it works? Oil dissolves oils. Lifting soot, dirt, makeup, sunscreen and oxidized sebum.


Massaging your face with the Antioxidant Beauty Balm helps relieve stress, stimulate the blood and helps to maintain skin elasticity.

Give the oil enough time to dissolve the impurities in your pores.


Take a warm, damp facial cloth, and lay it over your face and eyes for about 30 seconds. The warmth and moisture will help to gently lift your makeup, dirt and grime.


Follow up with a water-based cleanser. Using a small amount of Jacq's Healing Face Cleanser, cleanse the face using circular motions for one full minute, inhaling the aroma to help unwind.

Why? Water-based cleansers pick up break-down residue, sweat and debris.


Be sure to include your throat, jawline area and behind your ears . Focus on the area that produces more oil like your t-zone, hairline and nose.

Be sure to include your throat, jawline area and behind your ears . Focus on the area that produces more oil like your t-zone, hairline and nose.


Neglecting to rinse your skin properly may lead to skin irritation and residue buildup that causes breakouts. Using lukewarm water, rinse your face thoroughly, even the jawline, hairline, throat and nose, which are often neglected spots.

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I have oily skin and using oils on my oily skin would be disastrous. Won’t I breakout?


No, you will not break out. Oil cleansers are super gentle and actually help get rid of breakouts. Remember the basic principles of chemistry is that “like dissolves like.” Not properly removing makeup, and oxidized sebum oil-based debris causes congestion and breakouts.

Using harsh traditional chemicals that strip skin of natural oils causes skin to over compensate for the dryness by making more oils, that leads to breakouts. 

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