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6 Unexpected Reasons to Love Papaya

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Who doesn't love Papaya? This tropical fruit's origin comes from Mexico and has been known and used for centuries to improve digestion and it also lowers cholesterol, boosts immunity, and ease menstrual cramps! It the perfect fruit to use this summer not only in your diet but also in your skincare regimen! 


If you have been following our blog, you will notice that we mentioned the benefits of exfoliating in our previous post “10 Easy Tips For Healthy Happy Skin”. The difference here is specifically how the ingredient Papaya works in exfoliating the skin. The same enzyme Papain and alpha hydroxy acids have the power to shed dead skin cells and does this by dissolving the protein glue that holds those cells together! By exfoliating dead skin cells, your skin instantly becomes smoother because of the new skin cells that have formed which improve the tone of your skin.

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Softening & Moisturizing

Exfoliation leads to the softening of the skin. Exfoliating with Papaya isn’t the only way it leaves the skin soft. Another way papaya softens the skin is by locking in the moisture. Papaya has high water, carb and fat content that supplies the skin with the moisture needed to relieve the skin of dryness which is the culprit of wrinkles!

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Did you know that Papaya contains an acne fighting enzyme called Papain that can be used to exfoliate, soften, and moisturize the skin?  We highly recommend you become familiar with how Papaya benefits the skin so that when you invest in products containing this ingredient, you know what to expect. 

Acne Healing & Prevention

When papaya is applied to the skin, it also helps diminish and fade away scars & dark spots caused by acne. Consuming papaya in smoothies and fruit salads also helps get rid of blemishes at a quicker rate!


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Aging Reversal

Unfortunately, we cannot stop the aging process and as we get older those lines will appear. You can always use natural and organic skincare products that keep your skin from developing wrinkles longer. The same super enzyme Papin that papaya contains is effective at strengthening the collagen fibers in the dermis thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles! Wrinkles show lines and sag the skin, Papaya, in turn, tightens the skin.

Your Skincare Regimen

The skin is the largest organ in our body and the first line of defense in protecting our body from harm. Let’s take care of it with a consistent skincare regimen. Always select skincare products that are free of parabens and other dirty ingredients that do more harm than good. Skincare products made from fruit extracts have a very powerful ability to heal, reverse and renew your skin if you stick to those same products consistently!

JACQ's skincare products

Jacq’s Healing Face Cleanser is crafted with Papaya and Moringa is a must-have considering its rich Amino Acids, Fruit Enzymes found in Papaya Extract to gently remove dead cells. Pair it with our Tri-Enzyme and Protein Enzyme Booster which contains Carrot, Papaya and Jackfruit to replenish skin with moisture, boosts collagen and restore skin with vitality- you can’t go wrong!


What stage are you in with your skin routine? Are you starting a skincare regimen for the first time or are you a hardcore skin routine enthusiast!? We would love to hear from you! Drop a comment below and tell us about your story!



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