There's nothing wrong with a wanting to look your best and feel good. However, on any given day, we can use 14 or more beauty products per day, exposing ourselves to 126 unique chemicals. Some of these ingredients are toxic and have been linked to cancer, infertility, birth defects, endocrine problems and disrupts hormones.

Slay naturally is about using naturally products that help you look and feel your best using organic and natural ingredients that heal, treat and nourish your skin using potent green formulations leveraging both science and nature to out perform traditional natural skincare products.

The truth is, the FDA does not regulate what is put in or on cosmetics. A large percentage of what you put on your skin enters our bloodstream. We realize you that you are dedicated to your favorite products that help you slay, but we want to help you slay as naturally and as safely as possible. 

• The EU has banned more than 1,300 ingredients from their cosmetics while the US only bans around 11. This means the US allows hundreds of chemicals in their products that other countries find unsafe.


Additionally, Jacq's products are free of mineral oil derivatives (i.e paraffin, petrolatum, etc.), animal derivatives, allergen fragrances and synthetic colorants. Special attention has been paid to the appropriate packaging of Jacq's products which is why  all products are packed in glass containers and paper packaging.