Love Notes

Check out the loves notes and testimonials from our happy customers!

"Eczema no more! I have very bad eczema and my flare ups have cleared up since using your products. I really like the creamy baby bar soap and the Carrot con Leche soap. Both a gentle enough for my sensitive skin. Yes, no more eczema!"  -Heather A.

"I discovered Jacqs Organics at a local event and heared Barbara story. I had to try the products and am a true follower. Your products are amazing and much better than store bought brands. I can't wait to watch the brand grow."  - Issy P.

 "I have been using the toner, cleanser, and moisturizer for about 3 months now and I LOVE the way the product feels and my face looks great. I have also ordered the belly oils and creams as well. I also have a soap bar but I have not tried it yet. Order these organic products if your'e looking for great quality ingredients. I have transitioned all my daily produts to be "green" and I cant wait to see what else Jacq's makes. I would love some lotion!!! Buy the products! Bottom Line." -Kandice H.




"I've used several products from Jacq's Organics and loved everything I've tried. As a beauty blogger I try many different products and Jaq's definitely stands out. My top picks are the sweet orange face toner, its so unbelievably refreshing and provides instant luminosity. Also the Carrot Con Leche face serum- moisturizing, smoothing and smells amazing! - Bailey Rose Yuce, Green Beauty Blogger

"As a beauty expert and an author on two best selling books on organic beauty and skincare, I have to say that Jacq's organics is one of the best organic beauty brands I have tried. I use the facial lotion every day. When you use her products you are doing something great for your skin and not harming our precious environment. Thank you Barbara! You have a huge fan in me." - Dawn Gallagher    

"I’ve said this before and I’ll happily say it again - everything about      brand makes my heart smile! Not only are the products absolutely divine, but they are all natural, organic and toxin-free. As a new  mother, I absolutely love that only only can I use the products, but that  there is also a full range of products that are safe for me to use on my 2 year-old!"  Owner and Creator Mischo Beauty, Kitiya - Mischo Beauty 

"So much to love here...the Carrot Con Leche toner is a huge favorite and I couldn't stand when my Fancy Detox Soap ran out. Next up is my baby soap...can't wait to tear that open. Quality products!"  -Katie, Green Beauty Junkie Blogger

"Absolutely impressed with Jacq's organics products. My daughter who suffers from eczema (on the sole of her feet hands, legs, and arms) has used the creamy cocoa butter soap bar. Within a couple times of use I started to see her eczema disappear. I am so blessed to have stumbled across JACQ'S ORGANICS as I feel confident that my child is using a product that is effective and yet safe!"  -Christie Cajou



"Jacq's Organics products are truly for every family member. The facial cleanser, body wash and Lavender bar are the only products in our main bathroom shower. My son - who is so picky told me that he loves taking showers now because his skin feels "just like my mom'a skin now". I've never seen him take so many showers. They are made of pure, organic simple ingredients from nature. None of the junk or ingredients that you can't pronounce will be found in these products. The sweet orange shea cream is amazeballs. It does not go on greasy at all. Your skin will thank you. The lavender bar with the oatmeal is such a great natural exfoliant and has been an amazing way to begin my routine for self tanning. I'm extremely picky and a snob when it comes to skincare as I have MS and so many ingredients are triggers and affect brain function. After going green- I feel better. I always have a smile on my face when I use Barb's products as it makes me think of her beautiful family and her story about how she started the company and developed these amazing products that are literally food for your skin. I can't thank her enough." - Dawn

"Barbara thank you for suggesting the Green Smoothie Scrub and Masque.The first thing I love about it is the scent. It is so nice and calming. I feel like I am in a spa when I get a whiff of it. I poured a little bit in a separate small container so my bathroom can smell like that. I have been using it as a scrub, mask, and I also mixed it with yogurt for both my face and my hair. I normally do not use shampoos with strong fragrances because I don't like when the smell lingers.But this scent, I just love it, it smells clean. And the whole yogurt concoction left my hair shiny and moisturized. Now, for the biggest test of all. I tried the mask (with yogurt) a day after I dyed my hair.My hair normally feels brittle after coloring and the chemical smell stays as well. Well, the “mask to the rescue”. Not only it removed that icky smell from my hair but it made my hair soft to the touch. As a mask/scrub, I scrub a bit and then I leave it on while I brush my teeth and then remove it in the shower. My skin feels totally refreshed AND it also helped to heal a pesky pimple.
I truly love that the product is multi-purpose. I am one happy customer. Thank you so much!"                        -